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  • Moon Observation

  • Last Crescent Moon of Jamadi-Al-Aval 1423* (Aug 8,2002)

  • Last Crescent Moon of Rabi-Al-Aval 1423* (Jun 10,2002)

  • Moon Explorer (Phases 1, 2 & 3 Finished)

Meteor Shower


 * Islamic Month & Year

 Effects of Sun Rotation on its Surface Events

Project Manager : Mohammad Akoochekian

This is the common project between HRC and Isfahan University of Technology (IUT). Some of IUT students and HRC members are active on it. Sun Processor is the most important base in this project.

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 Designing a Full Computerized Spectrograph Finished

Project Manager : Dr Mohammad Rafienia

In the last months Marzieh Pooramrollahi, Zohreh Khosravi and Zoya Shokoohi were working hardly to design a kind of spectrograph. This tools will be used to studying sunspots Ziman effect, solar corona and stars. This will be connected directly to computer and the spectra analyzed by PC and will be compared with standard spectra. They use one of HRC software, Sun Processor, to analyze obtained spectra. When this important project done successfully, K1 observatory will has a high resolution spectrograph, help us to do many suitable projects. HRC and Dr. Mohammad Rafieinia are common producer of this project.


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 Sun Processor

 Project Manager : Mohammad Akoochekian

This is a three years project to design and produce a hardware and software package to analyze the data of Sun and stars, for example Spectrography, Temperature Analyze (3D,2D), Sun spots investigation, Corona Magnetic Field Analyze, etc . This project will be continue. Complete Information

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   Saturn & Moon Overlap

Project Manager : Dr. Mohammad Rafieinia

Date : Jan 30,2002

Few Time After Overlap

Dark Side of Moon

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