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 Kowsar-1 Observatory  (K1) 


نسخه فارسی

Kowsar.1 observatory, isfahan, iran

Kowsar-1 (K1) Observatory is the most modern amateur observatory in Iran and the most famous Iranian observatory in the world. This remote control observatory is a common project between HRC and Shirin Nam trading company. HRC Astronomy Complex is manager of this project. K1 building structure and dome have been designed by Iranian young engineers. Although K1 is not the biggest Iran observatory but the used technology is higher than others. Remote controlling, Live webcast, High tech research and simulation softwares are some example. International common projects with universities and research centers have introduced K1 to the astronomers around the world. K1 live webcast is one the most famous program in the world. Total Solar eclipse 2006, Lunar Solar eclipse 2005, Mercury and Venus transits 2003 and 2004 are good examples. Phoenix project as one Iranian technology is remote control astronomy program which connect users and observatory together by K1 intranet. Moon Explorer, as an encyclopedia of Moon is include of Moon atlas & Moon map.


Kowsar.1 observatory, isfahan, iran

Shirin Nam Trading Co. 

Kowsar.1 observatory, isfahan, iran

This satellite photo shows the K1 observatory. Click Here to download a movie from satellite which

shows K1 from different distances and views.

K1 Main Equipments:

  • Remote Control System

  • 14" Telescope

  • Computerized Controlling System

  • Video CCD

  • CCD Camera

  • Digital Camera

  • High Resolution Spectrograph

  • Sun Processor (Hardware & Software) System

  • Astronomical Simulation Softwares

  • Live Webcast Equipments (Video Capture, Computer, ...)

  • Accessories for Sun Studying ( Observation Tools, Software, Hardware )

  • Filters Set (Sun, Moon, Planets and Deep Sky)

  • Local Computer Network connected to observational systems for telecommunication activities

  • Library of 256 Persian and 70 Original English Books

  • Library of 120 Scientific and Research Software

Most important activities of K1 :





 First Result From K1 Observatory

Saturn & Moon Visited Together


Manager of K1

Mohammad Akoochekian 

  • HRC President

  • Nuclear Physics/Isfahan University of Technology


Dr. Mohammad Rafieinia

  • HRC K. Observatories Manager

  • HRC Research Vice President

  • Bio-Material Engineering/Amir-Kabir University of Technology



Eng. Marzieh Pooramrollahi 

  • HRC Engineering Vice President

  • Computer Engineering/Najaf abad University


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