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Solar Eclipse 2006
Final Report

Since the solar eclipse of August 1999, HRC astronomy department has improved step by step. Now it has been equipped with an observatory, launched a famous website broadcasting live astronomical events (for example Mercury and Venus Transit), thanks to great sponsors and new technologies of imaging and image processing. Remarkable observers, computer programmers and researchers have helped HRC on its hard path. During eclipse of  August 1999, HRC established the first live webcast, but the equipments were not suitable so enough. After 6 years another program was established to record and analyze the data of solar eclipse 2006.

This beautiful phenomena will happen on March 29, 2006. To Read detailed information about this eclipse Click Here .
The HRC Team composed of Dr Mohammad Rafienia, Ehsan Eslahi, Dr Ali Rahimi and Mohammad Akoochekian planed to observe this event in Antalya, Turkey. After some studies and research, they selected a location in Antalya. The length of totality and probability of having a sunny day in Antalya is suitable. The planned site was equipped with internet connection for live webcast and had enough safety. So, observatories and universities were good for that purpose. Finally, between 3 locations, the team selected Akdeniz University in Antalya.

HRC Team to Observe Solar Eclipse in Turkey

Mohammad Rafienia - Scientific Manager

 Ehsan Eslahi - Camera and Support

Mohammad Akoochekian - Team Manager - Live Webcasting

Dr M. Rafienia E. Eslahi M. Akoochekian
  Dr. A. Rahimi  

The information of observation site has been given in the following table:

Latitude (°  ' ) Longitude (°  ' ) First Contact (h:m:s) Second Contact (h:m:s) Maximum Eclipse (h:m:s) Third Contact (h:m:s) Fourth Contact (h:m:s) Umbral Duration(h:m)
36 53 30 42 09:37:32 10:54:23 10:55:59 10:57:34 12:12:46 03:10
To learn more about Antalya Click Here.
We establish some projects in contribution with TUBITAK National Observatory. Our Turkish friends, especially Dr Tuncay Ozisik helped us since may 2005, to find suitable observation location and other technical and scientific requirements near Antalya. To learn more about their eclipse activities Click Here.
TUBITAK National Observatory Observatory Official Center
This team worked on 3 projects:
  • Polarized imaging from Sun corona and analyze them via Sun Processor software

This project was aimed at Polarized imaging from corona and analyzing the images via Sun Processor software. This software, written by Mohammad Akoochekian and Davood Pooladsaz for analyzing images and spectra of the Sun, has been under continuous development since 2000. One of the remarkable options of Sun Processor is drawing 2D magnetic field line via polarized images of corona. The images have been taken while the eclipse reaches its totality and the corona gets appeared. Because of the short time of total eclipse, the team practiced and the equipments tested for many times.

Live webcast is a gift of HRC to the world. All the humans should watch this beauty and enjoy this God-given present. Many countries in the world could not observe this eclipse, mainly due to their location!

After successful live broadcasting of Mercury and Venus transits in 2003 and 2004, and annular solar eclipse 2005, this team showed this event to the entire world on 29 March 2006. New programming of Phoenix project and precise instruments helped them to do this important project completely and successfully.

  • Imaging photo and recording video

Imaging and taking video in solar eclipses are ordinary projects for observers and observatories. So, the team recorded photos and videos to use them in scientific and cultural purposes.

K1 observatory and HRC members supported the team from Iran.

Support Team in Iran

M. Pooramrollahi P. Kavian H. Vakili
  A. Sadeghi  


Rahnema Int. Co.

Falah High School

Shirin Nam Trading Co.

(Chidak Gaz)




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