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Latest Version: 10-2006


Every subject at solar studying area needs to some suitable softwares to increase analyze speed, because of huge number of data and measurements. Spectrography,  simulation, magnetic fields, ... are the best examples. Research centers and observatories often produce their own softwares or use a software together. Development of a good software needs to good contribution between technical team and scientific team. Fortunately HRC is equipped to both of them. So its Astronomy department  started to develop a software, called Sun Processor, since 2000 with a characterized mission: Analyzing and processing the solar data. Now after several years, Sun Processor is working in 4 directions:

  • 2D analyze of coronal magnetic field lines

  • Full analyze of solar spectra

  • 2D analyze of Sun surface temperature

  • 3D analyze of Sun surface temperature

2D analyze of coronal magnetic field lines

Solar corona is contain of strong magnetic field with complicated field lines, which change during solar cycles. Sun Processor receives polarized images of solar corona (which have been taken at different polarization angles), analyzes them and then reports the result.

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This 2D result shows the direction and intensity of coronal magnetic field at different coronal points. The result is image of magnetic field lines on the sky page. Although this feature has been designed for Sun, this can be used for nebulas, etc. If you give more polarized images (with different polarization angles), you receive more persist results.


Full analyze of solar spectra

Solar spectra is contain of many information about chemical structure of corona and solar plasma. Sun Processor takes spectrograph images (of solar spectra), processes and analyzes them, then reports different types of information such as name, ionization condition and frequency of chemical elements. Sun Processor can be match and work with different type and model of spectrographs.


2D analyze of Sun surface temperature

Some of subjects in solar studies area need to analyze Sun surface temperature. Sun spots, flares, ... are good examples. Sun Processor takes an image (from a part of Sun surface such) and reports a special type of graphic chart. This chart divides the image points to different colors from red to blue. The points with same color has same (or near) temperature. red color means colder temperature and blue color means hotter temperature. 




3D analyze of Sun surface temperature

This is next type of 2D analyze of Sun surface temperature. But instead of color divisions, it reports 3D graphic charts. X and Y axis are those X and Y axis of image. But Z parameter of each point is proportion to that point temperature. Higher Z parameter means higher temperature. Users can review the 3D graph from 3 different views, Front, Left & Right.

Via other feature in Sun Processor, the graphs will be shown at different colors and styles, which help users to conclude more results from the chart.



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