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رادیو کالج پارک

Solar Eclipse 2005
Collaboration between Business, Technology and Science
Live webcast team, composed of HRC & RDC members; Left to Right:
S. Radan, M. Montazer, M. Pooramrollahi, Z. Shokoohi, Sadeghi, M. Ravanbakhsh, M. Akoochekian,
 A. Sadeghi & P. Kavian
October 03, 2005, Sun and Moon visited together for annular eclipse. But Iran just observed partial solar eclipse. In Isfahan the event was started at 9:29 and finished at 11:36 (UT). K1 observatory established live webcast program for every ones around the world. Thousands of people viewed this beautiful event via India, Iran, UK, Spain, USA, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, UAE, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Algeria, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, Czech, KSA, Slovak, Kuwait, Mauritius, Tunisia, New Zealand, Morocco, Pakistan, Japan, Philippines, Ireland, Denmark, Kenya, Malaysia and Sri Lanka are some of them.
But this live webcast was differ from HRC other previous programs. Rahnema Int. IT. Co. (RDC) accepted technical supports of live webcast. Some of RDC engineers help HRC scientific team in term of eclipse. So this program established with minimum of problems. Fast internet connection, wide band width for website server were some of these supports.



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