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Perseid Meteor Shower 2002

Isfahan astronomy centers, Adib Astronomy Society (AAS), Iran Akhtarvash Society (IAS) and Hedayatgaran Research Center (HRC), had some programs in these days (Aug. 10-13, 2002). In this report you can read about their programs for Perseid meteor shower. Mohammad Akoochekian has been with them for 3 nights and now reports:

Hedayatgaran Research Center


Date : August 10,2002

Starting Observation : 20:35 (U.T.) - August 10, 2002 

Finishing Observation : 00:35 (U.T.) - August 11, 2002

Observation Place : K1 Observatory - Isfahan - Iran

Weather : Clean

Number of Observers : 16

ZHR = 10

Center of Meteor Shower = Perseus Constellation

Magnitude = +2.5

With special thanks to Mohammad Rafieinia and Shahrzad Rafieian.

See also: Report of Bahareh Rafiei

Adib Astronomy Society

Date : August 11,2002

Starting Observation : 18:20 (U.T.) - August 11, 2002 

Finishing Observation : 00:07 (U.T.) - August 12, 2002

Observation Place : Khansar - Isfahan - Iran

Weather : Clean

Number of Observers : 10

ZHR = 35

Center of Meteor Shower = Perseus Constellation

Magnitude = +2 to +3

Color = White (90%), Yellow (8%), Blue(2%)


Observers Team

 Faezeh Ansari  Marzieh Arab Bahmani
 Naghmeh Hamidi  Mina Hooshmand
 Nezhla Aghaei  Marsa Ghafoorian
 Mahboobeh ArabBahmani  Azadeh Sadeghi

With special thanks to Reza Monajjemi and Zhaleh Mozoun, managers of AAS.

Iran Akhtarvash Society

Date : August 12,2002

Starting Observation : 9:20 (U.T.) - August 12, 2002 

Finishing Observation : 12:07 (U.T.) - August 13, 2002

Observation Place : Oloun Abad village - Koohpayeh - Isfahan - Iran

Weather : Partly Cloudy

Number of Observers : 28

ZHR = 93

Center of Meteor Shower = Perseus Constellation

Magnitude = +2.5

Color = White

Speed = Fast

With special thanks to Ali Forooghi, Ahmad Reza Karimi and Dariush Sichani; managers of IAS.

The Best Observers in Perseid Meteor Shower 2002

After Perseid Meteor Shower 2002, HRC introduced the best observers who recorded and analyzed this meteor shower, so HRC selected 8 observers from AAS and IAS. Their prizes were awarded to them in Friday, August 16, 2002, in HRC building by Mohammad Akoochekian (HRC President) and Shahrzad Rafieian (HRC Edu. Dept. Manager). Reza Monajjemi (AAS President), Ali Forooghi (IAS Manager) and Dariush Sichani (IAS Broad. Manager) were in this program. Dr. Mohammad Rafieinia (HRC Astro. Dept. Manager) sent a voice massage by telephone for guests. He invited other Isfahan astronomy centers for common projects with HRC in K1 observatory, HRC website, Astrotech and so on.

Shahrzad Rafieian Reza Monajjemi Ali Forooghi
  Dariush Sichani  

The Best Observers, Introduced by HRC

Adib Astronomy Society
No Photo
Marzieh Arab Bahmani Naghmeh Hamaidi
Iran Akhtarvash Society
Soroor Abdolahi Sara Abdolahi Maedeh Haghani
No Photo


Elham Sharifian Nafiseh Eighaei Nahid Jafari



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